Diane Mitchell Henry

Consultant in California, U.S.A.

I am Diane Mitchell Henry, an Executive and Entrepreneur Consultant and Freelance Writer. As an innovative, global, visionary social entrepreneur and diversity and inclusion champion, I have over 25 years of relationship-building and marketing expertise in cultivating collaborations and partnerships and 37 years as a California licensed real estate salesperson.

My consulting services advance social and economic equity visions and missions for non-profit and for-profit entities. I partner with you to aim for your targeted results.

As an expert freelance writer and system strategist, I unapologetically advocate for social justice and equitable economic development. I understand the impact of effective communication and how it amplifies encouragement, empowerment, and enactment for humanitarian equity.

The Diane Mitchell Henry Network, LLC Executive and Entrepreneur Consulting Services envision "connecting to inspire." My customized consulting services offer relationship-building, fundraising strategies, leadership development, marketing and branding, content writing and editing, curated events and excursions, public speaking and speech writing coaching, distinguishing speaker series, and book launches.

As an experienced healthcare navigator, I assess the needs of families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals responsible for caring for disabled and special needs constituents.

My passion for global affairs and youth education inspires me to enjoy mentoring, travel, music, and cultural culinary engagement. Pickleball is my latest interest in physical exercise and social engagement. However, entertaining at home is at the top of my list.

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I am excited about connecting to inspire!

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    • BA-University of California Santa Cruz